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About E.C. Crosby & Sons, Inc.

E.C. Crosby and Sons, Inc. (AKA Crosby's) was established in the early 1900's by Frank Goodwin. The business has remained in Mt. Tabor since it began, however, it has evolved to meet the needs of the local clientele. Originally, feed and grain and farm machinery needs were handled successfully by Mr. Goodwin and Bert Crosby. Later, Bert Crosby continued the business with his three sons, William, Goodwin and Armand. Farmers were able to purchase farm machinery and farm parts from the original store. Feed and grain were mixed and delivered to farms in a fifty mile radius.

In the 1930's Goodwin Crosby started earning a reputation in the feed and grain industry. Goodwin Crosby devised formulas of grain combinations to satisfy the agriculture demands. A feed and grain mill was constructed where grains were mixed and bagged. The railroad played an important role in importing grains and molasses for this operation.

In 1963, fire destroyed the original complex. Even though the fire was a total loss, Goodwin persevered and brought the business back to full capacity. Goodwin rebuilt the building and grain tower which stand today. Goodwin continued acquiring knowledge of nutritive needs of dairy cows and used this knowledge in helping farmers to achieve high milk production from their dairy cow operations. There is a strong sense of history and days gone by that linger today as one tours the complex. The visual reminders are many. Some of the buildings and their contents are museum like in their contents and the aura that they exude. One can see parts to farm machines, pulleys, saw blades. And sometimes, when the breeze is just right, the aroma of molasses and grain is evident and you can put yourself in a different time of life.

Today, as then, heating supply needs are satisfied at Crosby's. In the earlier days, coal was brought in by train and sold by the bag or the truck load. Today, fuel oil and kerosene are delivered to over 275 regular customers.

In early 1970, Goodwin's son, Elbert, recognized the need to diversify and expand the offerings of Crosby's. Elbert was responsible for expanding the business to include building materials. Today, Crosby's carries a full line of building materials. The company employs ten people. Some of the staff include two generations. Crosby's is a small, tight knit company which strives to meet the needs of its customers and to offer products at competitive prices. The small size of the business allows for a familiarity which is not seen in the larger market. The local clientele is a mainstay of the business, although sales stretch into the outlying area. Elbert and his employees try to not only meet the needs of their customers, but to get to know their customers and to understand their building needs to ensure the best service possible. The Crosby staff truly strive to provide service to their customers and offer their customers the knowledge of materials and construction that has been derived over the years of being in the building business. The staff at Crosby's strives to successfully accommodate the needs of our customers and derive satisfaction in seeing their building projects through to a successful completion.

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